IDAR Steel Factory

We started our Steel fabrication manufacturers in K.S.A. applying our procedures & industrial experience to improve & develop the scope of work.

In the last year, we developed our machines in order to improve the quality of our work & products. This was done by Settling new CNC Machines doing the job under precise measurements as per the technical drawings we are using.

Furthermore, we are still ongoing with this development of our machines by monitoring and updating our machines to the latest machines technologies (plasma, waterjet, laser etc…) Our usual insist to manufacture the most difficult projects was the sign of our success & continuity.

Our team contains very skilled people who apply all the technical procedures and requirements in order to the manufacturing standardizations and applications of quality.

In addition to the engineering drafting Division under taken with AutoCAD 2D & 3D in order to simplify & control the accuracy of the final products they are delivering.

Our Policy is briefed in our Quality Commitment and to meet our clients extreme satisfactions.